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Keeble Cask Company Ltd is an Edinburgh-based barrel-to-bottle bonder, independent & contract bottler and broker of Scotch Whisky casks (as well as rums), established in January 2020 by whisky specialist George Keeble.

We are fully licensed by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (the UK's tax office) to buy, mature, sell and otherwise manage casks of duty-suspended whisky across Scotland's bonded warehouses. We also have a UK Duty Rep licence, which allows us to store any type of alcohol, in any bonded warehouse in the UK, on behalf of any overseas business (subject to due diligence checks). 
We are also able to bottle casks for our customers and export those bottles for overseas customers.

As barrel-to-bottle 'cask stewards', we can assist in every step of cask procurement. We sell casks to independent bottlers, bottling syndicates / clubs, retailers and whisky enthusiasts. We also act as B2B wholesalers for bulk stocks of casks.


Please note, we do not sell casks as an investable commodity, nor do we provide advice on whisky cask investment.

If you have a cask that you are looking to sell, please get in touch.


Keeble Cask Company is also involved in a number of other distilling- and whisky-related projects, including launching our own bottling range of single cask whiskies, rums and brandies in January 2023.


Here's the Keeble Cask Co. team:


George Keeble

Whisky Director

"I've been passionate about whisky since my early twenties. My career in the trade began in 2011 as barman, then general manager, of Soho Whisky Club in London.


"In the years that followed, I hosted hundreds of whisky tastings, joined the judging panel for the World Whisky Awards, occasionally wrote for Whisky Magazine, studied distillation at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and spent two years as a whisky distiller for Starward in Melbourne, Australia.

"The focus of Keeble Cask Co. is to get whisky casks into the hands of those who need them. We are also launching our own bottling range in 2022, which I'm really excited about."

Dram of the season:

"SFTC' Ballechin 11YO Bordeaux Cask Matured


Rachel Dixon

Operations Director

"I have loved whisky long before I was allowed to drink it. I love the almost mythic stories and traditions of the wonderful people that make it and those that drink it; that whisky is a celebration, bringing together friends or indeed new friends. It is something with which you permit yourself time.

"Keeble Cask Co is my first job in the industry. Where George has hosted hundreds of tastings, I have been fortunate enough to be hosted! I bring nearly 20 years (that makes me feel old) of administrative and project experience with me.

"My favourite whiskies tend to be anything that has been fully matured or finished in wine and I am excited that many bottlers are being increasingly experimental with their cask finishes and ageing. I join the industry at an interesting time!"

Dram of the season:

Longrow 'Red' 11 Year Old Pinot Noir Finish

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