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Keeble Cask Company is a fully licensed whisky bonder and brokerage. 


We source casks of Scotch Whisky for enthusiasts, independent bottlers and investors around the globe.


Founder George Keeble's career within the whisky industry began pouring drams behind the bar at Soho Whisky Club in London. After a quick ascent to management, his repertoire expanded to include writing for Whisky Magazine, judging for the World Whisky Awards, hosting hundreds tastings, studying distillation at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and working for two years as a production distiller at Starward Distillery, in Australia.

George returned to the UK and launched Keeble Cask Company in early 2020. He is also involved in a number of distilling- and whisky-related projects.


With over a decade of industry experience, we understand the pitfalls of cask investment. This is why we always advise prospective customers to learn everything they need to know before making their first cask purchase. We explain the nitty-gritty and leave no stone unturned in our comprehensive guide.


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We are ​aware of how crowded the cask industry is nowadays. And we are mindful of when it comes down to prices.


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