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keeble cask co.

Keeble Cask Company Ltd is a barrel-to-bottle bonder of Scotch Whisky casks, established in January 2020 by George Keeble (pictured hauling casks off a truck).


We are fully licensed by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (aka the UK's tax office) to buy, mature, sell and otherwise manage casks of duty-suspended whisky across Scotland's bonded warehouses. We are also licensed to distribute and export whisky bottles. 

We sell casks to independent bottlers, bottling syndicates / clubs, retailers and whisky enthusiasts. Please note, we do not sell casks as an investable commodity, nor we provide advice on whisky cask investment. We simply sell cask whisky at reasonable prices to our trusted, global customer base.


With over a decade in the industry, founder George Keeble's career within whisky began as head barman, then general manager, of Soho Whisky Club in London. Alongside running one of London's finest whisky establishments, George's repertoire broadened to include writing for Whisky Magazine, judging for the World Whisky Awards, hosting whisky tastings around the UK, studying distillation at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling and working as production distiller for Starward Distillery in Australia.


Keeble Cask Co. is also involved in a number of other distilling- and whisky-related projects, including launching our own range of bottlings in 2021.