barrel to bottle cask management

Keeble Cask Co. offers a full range of barrel-to-bottle services to our global customer base. From selecting your spirit and wood type through to sampling and bottle exporting, we are here to assist with every aspect of cask stewardship.

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If you have purchased a cask, sampled it and feel the whisky would benefit from being transferred (or 'reracked') into a fresh cask, such as Sherry or Madeira for example, then we are able to have this done in the warehouse.

Keeble Cask Co. will be placing reracking at the forefront of our services over the coming months and years.

Please note, an automatic regauge is carried out with reracking.

Get in touch to find out about our wide range of wood options.





Regauging is the process of emptying a cask of its whisky and checking its ABV and volume before repouring it back it into the same cask.

Regauging tells us how much of the whisky has evaporated (known as the angels' share) since it was filled or previously regauged.

The value of the whisky in terms of per LPA (litre of pure alcohol) will be updated to accommodate the whisky lost to evaporation.

The amount of whisky that has evaporated will also indicate the porosity of cask.





We have access to an enormous range of casks, ranging from 0-50 years old. New stocks are available on an almost daily basis.

Whether you're after a floral, fruity Speysider or a peatsmoked Islay, we have plenty of options for your consideration.

The same can be said for wood types. We have access to fresh Sherry Butts from Spain and Bourbon Barrels straight from the USA, as well as more unusual casks, such as casks previously used to mature Madeira, Port and a wide array of wine.

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With access to a huge array of casks, we are able to create a range of small batch Blended Scotch Whiskies.

We start with your desired flavour profile and works backwards from there.

From procuring the component casks through to the final bottled product, we are here from concept to creation.

Reracking may well be required to achieve the final blend.





One delight of owning casks of whisky is being able to taste the spirit as it matures over the years

You can order a 50-700ml sample of your cask whenever you want to. We can also include our own tasting notes at no extra cost.

As with many aspects of cask management, the drawing and delivery of cask samples may take several weeks.

As we say, whisky is never in a hurry.





We are able to ensure a high quality of labelling and bottling for all our customers.

We also ensure that your labels are in keeping with the Scotch Whisky Association's myriad of labelling laws.

Once we've got your bottles ready, we'll arrange their secure transportation to wherever in the world they need to be.

The lead time for bottling may be several weeks, depending on the time of year and where in the world the bottles are being exported to.